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I’m Jon Vadillo and this is my first blog post. Before starting posting regularly, I would like to introduce briefly myself and the topics I’ll write about. Welcome everybody and let’s start!

Who is Jon Vadillo?

There could be lot of differents ways of describing who I am:

  • Software engineer with more than 10 years working in the software development industry, which I love it.
  • Adventurous and open-minded traveler who has explored 35+ countries around America, Africa, Asia, Oceania and Europe.
  • Entrepeneur and web designer as a hobby.
  • Curious person about every aspect of life who likes tasting and trying everything: from lindy hop dancing lessons to practicing yoga or playing guitar.

Now that I have given you some hints about the author of this lines, you can have an approximated idea of what I’m going to talk about in this blog.

What is he going to write about?

  • Web: I developed my first website 15 years ago using basic HTML&CSS. Since then I have never stopped designing, developing websites and trying to learn more about it.
  • Coding: I love coding (full stack!) and I need to code. This blog will be a starting point for making public my projects and experiments, specially focused on latest frameworks.
  • Productivity & Lifestyle: I have always been interested in different working methodologies and lifestyle & psychological concepts, so be prepared to hear sometimes crazy reflexions about life.

Hope you will have an amazing time reading (and writting comments) in the blog, I’m really happy that you’ve come. Welcome aboard!