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Code Snippet of the Week 6: [HTML + CSS] Twitter clone using Bootstrap

One of the best learning methods in the web development world is to practice and try to clone some of the best web user interfaces that exist nowadays. “Practice makes the master.” once said Patrick Rothfuss, and he was right.

The code of this week is a Twitter clone using only HTML, CSS and the well known Bootstrap component library. You can find the demo here and the Github repository in this link, or you can also have a look at the Codepen below (also available at

As you can notice, the clone built using Bootstrap library (the one on the left) is not far away from the original Twitter website (picture on the right):TWITTER_CLONE_USING_BOOTSTRAP

Embedded code (click on the HTML and CSS tabs to see the code):


See the Pen Twitter Bootsrap v4 Clone by Jon Vadillo (@jonvadillo) on CodePen.light


Happy coding!